Petroleum wet stock management

It is very hard to control a liquid process by a single physical law. Marking each liquid type with different markers will increase dramatically the understanding of the process. However, marking the liquids alone will not provide any information about the process itself and the output conclusion will be very little.

Here is an example in which only a wet stock management system is applied. The basic concept of volume monitoring alone cannot detect a mixing fraud somewhere at the distribution line.

The diagram below shows a mixing fraud between two types of fuels at the Hub. It is undetected because the fuel's volume of each type stays the same. The fraud above could be noticed if a molecular identification system was in place.

However, the diagram below shows a different type of fraud. This could not be detected by implementing only a molecular identification system. The fuels did not mix but volume has been lost.

By combining both methods, wet stock management and molecular identification, security along the distribution line will increase. By triangulate the fraud using both methods, the location, time and personnel involvement can be accurately identified.